Q. Do you have a minimum order requirement?
A. The minimum order requirement is 5 cartons or 50 sqft. per pattern design or solid color field tile.
Q. Do you carry stock on all your items?
A. Currently all items are Custom Handmade-to-order only.  Allow 8-10 weeks lead time
Q. How do I calculate the amount of tile needed for my project?
A. Quantities Are NOT provided by Encaustic Tile Designs Designers/Associates. Each client is responsible for providing the quantities to be ordered. The tile contractor usually specifies these quantities.
Q. Should I order extra tile?
A. The recommended industry standard is 10%-15% overage for cuts and waste, diagonal installations may require more, consult with your installer before placing your order.
Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
A. Generally, our ETA (estimated time of arrival) is 6-8 weeks upon receipt of your 50% deposit, larger orders may take longer depending on the quantity and our current production schedule and can take up to 8-12 weeks. It’s always best to contact customer service for current lead times before placing your order.
We do our very best to deliver orders within the estimated arrival date, but delivery times can be affected by current global shipping conditions related to container shortages, port delays, and transportation labor shortages.
Q. Where does my order ship from?
A. All orders ship from our warehouse in San Antonio, TX 78216
Q. Are delivery fees included with my order?
A. Freight fees are not included and are based on weight and delivery destination, all orders ship LTL freight carriers. Residential delivery fees and Lift-gate fees apply.
Q. Will the delivery service move my material inside my building for me?
All deliveries are curbside delivered; it is the client’s responsibility to move the material inside. A forklift may be required on some sites and should be scheduled to be on-site on the day of the scheduled delivery.
Q. If my order arrives damaged do I refuse delivery?
A. No, you must receive the order as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
Q. Can I return my order?
A. All sales are final, returns will not be accepted. All orders are Custom Handmade-to-order and cannot be returned as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. All orders are Custom Handmade-to-order, meaning, once an order is placed into production it needs to be made from start to finish and cannot be canceled. Refer to our Terms and Conditions under CANCELLATIONS.
Q. What are your Payment Terms?
A. In-stock item orders require payment in full prior to shipping. All custom orders require a 50% deposit before production, remaining balance due prior to shipping as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
Q. Where can encaustic cement tiles be used?
A. Interior floors, exterior floors, interior floors warmed with radiant heat, interior walls, exterior walls, showers, steam showers, residential heavy traffic, commercial heavy traffic, sink backsplashes, stove backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, water features, swimming pools, spas, and fountains.
Q. Will the color of my tiles fade?
A. With exterior applications, where the cement tiles are exposed to direct sunlight, there is a risk color fading. Most notable colors are blues and greens. If you are installing cement tiles for an exterior application, you might consider selecting colors other than blues and greens.
Sealers with UV protection can help to prevent fading.
Q. Will the pattern wear off the face of the tile?
A. No, the pattern will not wear off the face of the tile, the top layer of the cement tile is 1/8” thick and will hold up to extreme foot traffic.
Q. Do my cement tiles need to be sealed?
A. Yes, cement and concrete tiles do need to be sealed. Like natural stone, cement is a porous material that absorbs stains and dirt if not sealed. There are two general types of sealers: penetrating and topical. Penetrating sealers are absorbed into the cement and make it more difficult for the stain to adhere to the cement. Topical sealers sit on the surface of the tile and do not let the stain through. Among topical sealers, there are shiny and matte. The shiny sealers last longer than the matte sealers. Topical sealers are not generally recommended for exterior use as the sun will degrade them and they will need to be replaced more frequently. They will also make the surface of the tiles more slippery. There are many different manufacturers of sealers. Consult with your installer regarding the best sealer for your project.
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