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Encaustic Tile Designs

Handmade Cement Tile

Timeless Designs with a Modern Flair

Our Products are 100% Custom

Handmade-to-Order One Tile at a Time!

Any pattern design can be ordered as shown on the collection pages or custom colourized to suit your personal colour scheme design.

***Contact Us to request information on creating your personal pattern design***
"Let's create something special!"

Inspirational Lookbook

Our Encaustic Cement Tile Collection is 100% custom handmade to order. Our beautiful collection of patterns and designer colors can be incorporated into any color scheme design.

You are only limited by your own Imagination.

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Timeless Designs with a Modern Flair

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  • The History of Cement tile

    Cement tiles were used for flooring in the early 20th century. They represent the creativity of the Avante-Garde movement and were chosen for decoration in tsarist palaces. In the early 1900s, the popularity of these cement tiles extended to the colonies of France, Spain, and Portugal. You can find decorative cement tiles arriving in the United States and Latin America around this time.

frequently asked questions

Quick Answers

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally custom orders have an ETA (estimated time of arrive) of 8-12 weeks, larger orders may take up to 16 weeks. We strive to do our best stay within the estimated delivery dates.

Contact customer service for current ETAs prior to placing your order.

Where are Encaustic Tile Designs cement tiles made?

Our factory is located in the beautful city of Guadalajara Mexico.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in San Antonio, TX.

Where can encaustic cement tiles be used?

Encaustic Cement Tiles are suitable for Interior / exterior use, floor and wall applications.

Can encaustic cement tiles be used in wet areas?

Yes, cement tiles are great for use in bathrooms, showers, fountians, swimming pools, and pool decks.

Are encasutic cement tile patterns painted on the surface?

No, the pattern is not painted or glazed on the surface like
other decorative tiles. The color in the pattern comes from natural mineral pigments which are mixed and poured into a pattern mold to create the colourful pattern design layer.

Will the colors fade on my tiles?

Encaustic cement tiles don’t fade over time. The pigment in the tile is fixed during the curing process, as the tile ages, it will eventually become richer in colour and develop a slight patina.

With their enduring quality, you can expect encaustic cement tiles to function beautifully in your home for years.

Can cement tiles be used on fireplaces?

Yes, Encaustic cement tiles are a great decorative tile for cladding fireplace hearths and surrounds. However, they are not suitable for use inside the fire box.