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A Unique Blend of Tradition and Modern Design

Using Encaustic Cement Tiles as a focal point in your design space.

Using encaustic cement tiles as a focal point can add visual interest and personality to a space.

Here are some creative ways to incorporate Encaustic Cement Tiles:

Handcrafted Cement Tile | by Encaustic Tile Designs


Accent Wall: Create an accent wall using cement patterned tiles. Choose a wall in your room, such as behind a bed or sofa, and cover it with eye-catching pattern tiles. Using cement pattern tiles will instantly draw attention and become the room's focal point. Consider using geometric, Moroccan, or floral tiles for a striking effect.


Chamomile 05


Floor Medallion: Install a decorative cement tile floor medallion in the center of a room or at the entrance. This can be a circular or square design with intricate patterns. The medallion becomes a conversation piece and anchors the entire space.

Jardin des Tulipes 07

Backsplash: Encaustic cement tiles make excellent kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. Install them behind the stove or sink area to create a stunning focal point - your backsplash will become a visual highlight. 


Jardin des Tulipes 07


Stair Risers: Use encaustic cement tiles transform your staircase by tiling the risers. Each step can feature a different pattern or color, creating a playful and dynamic look. This unexpected detail will capture your attention and elevate the overall design of your home. 


Amiens 06

Fireplace Surround: If you have a fireplace, consider using encaustic cement tiles for the hearth or surround. Whether it’s a traditional mantel or a sleek modern design, the tiles can add warmth and character.

 Bordeaux 06


Conclusion: Remember to balance the use of cement patterned tiles with more neutral elements in the room to avoid overwhelming the space. 


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